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Hello. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get from existing Goldlife Investors and potential investors. If your question(s) is/are not asked or answered in the ones below, kindly ask yours using the button labeled "Mine is not here. Click me to ask your question"
1. Your sponsor is the investor who introduced Goldlife Investment to you.
2. Is an investor under whom you are registered in Goldlife Investments platform
3. The investor whose Referral Link or Referral ID / Username you registered with at the point of registering on Goldlife Investments.
No. There are no hidden charges stipulated to any transaction. A fixed bank transfer service charge is all you pay, and its N200 only.
Nothing is transferred to your new account on the new site. All you had on the Old Site, remains there and all you do on the New Site becomes fresh. However, they are two different independent sites
The New Site can be accessed via the link:, while
The Old Site can be accessed via the link:
Yes you can earn referral bonuses even if you do not deposit nor invest as a registered member. In other words, if you are only registered and someone registers with your link, you will still get paid even when you have not made deposit nor investment.
Yes you can start or enter as many Investments as possible with your single account. You don't have to create a different account each time you have to initiate a new Investment. In other words, it is one account, multiple Investments.
Its very easy. After making deposit into the company's bank account, proceed to your dashboard area and click on Deposit > Bank Deposit Confirmation link from the drop down menu to confirm the amount you deposited into the company's bank account into our online system. Just make payment into our bank account and email or text us the following details for conformation
  1. Your Fullname
  2. Name of Depositor or Account Holder that made the Transfer/Deposit
  3. Your Username
  4. Amount Deposited
  5. Date
Via SMS: +234-809-476-1382 or EMAIL: or WhatsApp: 08140855794
The Payment Verification Code also know as PVC is our 15 digits code which is in form of an e-Pin, that grants a new user the access to their Investment Dashboard and to become a full member.
Mine is not here. Click me to ask your question
Step 1
Navigate to Deposit Menu on your Investment Dashboard Area and click on Confirm Bank Depost option from the drop down menu and follow the instructions to confirm the amount you deposited into our bank account.
Step 2
As soon as your deposit is approved by our Back Office, kindly navigate to Investment Menu, click on Start Investment option from the drop down menu.
Step 3
Upon completion of Step 2, you wait 24 hours later to see your first Investment Daily Interest (IDI)

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