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Welcome to Goldlife Investments - a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) platform that grows your investment in quick time through our diverse areas of business chains. Goldlife Investments is offering you Four Hundred Percent (200%) in 10 Months of your investment + ROI. Unbeatable you may say. Well, that is what we offer!
Goldlife Investments works in Six (6) simple steps:
Registration: To get started you have to navigate to our Registration Page and complete the registration form. You have got two choices in filling the form. i.e you can either enter your Sponsor's Referral ID / Username or leave blank if you were not referred by anyone and also with your Sponsor's Referral Link (e.g
Bank Deposit (BD): Upon completion of the registration form, you will be redirected to your Dashboard Area and wont be able to invest until you have deposited into the Company's Bank Account the amount for the respective plan you wish to invest in. Below are our Bank Account details. Kindly make payment into our Local or Domiciliary Bank Account:
Account Name
Goldlife Multi Trade Co. Ltd
Account Number
Bank Name
Access Bank Plc
Account Name
Goldlife Multi Trade Co. Ltd
Account Number
Bank Name
Access Bank Plc
Bank Sort Code
Online System Deposit (OSD): After completing step 2 (Bank Deposit), i.e making deposit into the company's Bank Account, kindly proceed to your dashboard area and navigate to Deposit Menu, then you wll find Bank Deposit Confirmation from the drop down menu. Click on it and proceed to confirm your bank deposit to us. Ensure you enter the exact amount you deposited into the company's bank account. Your deposit will be approved by the Admin once your payment is received. You will receive an email alert to that effect.
Confirmation: After satisfying Steps 2 and 3, (i.e Bank Deposit and Online System Deposit), kindly send us the following details via SMS: (N/A) or EMAIL: ( or WhatsApp: (N/A) for confirmation.
  1. Your Fullname
  2. Name of Depositor or Account Holder that made the Transfer/Deposit
  3. Your Username
  4. Amount Deposited
  5. Date
Investment: As soon as your deposit is activated by our Back Office, kindly proceed to the Investment Menu in your dashboard area and click on Start Investment to initiate your your investment.
Daily Return On Investment: At this Point - P, Time - T, Momment - M, Frequesncy - F, Stage - S, all you have to do is wait until 24 hours before your Daily Return On Investment (ROI) starts dropping / counting on your dashbaord area where you have "Daily Profit".

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